Privacy Policy

“Bandmajorbeatz” is the owner of this website. We respect the privacy of our visitors and users. We have designed the measures to protect the privacy of our users. Although, we respect the privacy of users, we collect information from them. Our privacy policy is quite simple and user-friendly. From now, we are going to let you know about what information we collect from our users and what use we make out of that information. Please read our privacy policy carefully till the end of the document. This privacy policy governs our users’ interaction with this website when they subscribe to our newsletter and download the beats from

Bandmajorbeatz Email Subscription

Bandmajotbeatz obtains information on the voluntary basis when users visit the website. You will be asked to provide your name and email address. You are not required to give more information about you than your name and email address to involve into any activity on our site. By providing us this much information about you, you can receive free beats created by Joe Cash and team. If you do not provide us your information in order to receive free beats, you will not be sent any update about the website and music beats. However, we recommend you to register for “Bandmajorbeatz” email newsletter, it is completely your choice to sign up for newsletter or to deny subscription.

Apart from sending free beats and website updates to our users, we use email addresses for asking suggestions from our users. We invite suggestions for customization and enhancement of our website. In addition to this, user’s email address is required by us when buying music beats online to complete online transaction.

Your email address, which you use for subscribing to the free beats is not sold or passed to any third-party. In fact, it is used strictly solely by “Bandmajorbeatz” to communicate with you as our user. You can opt out our email subscription at any point of time. If you have subscribed to our free beats e-mail newsletter, but you no longer wish to receive these beats newsletters it in the future, please follow the simple “unsubscribe” instructions given in each of our newsletters.

Once you have unsubscribed to our mailing list you will be no longer entitled access to the free Beats library at “Bandmajorbeatz”. The security of your personal information is our major priority. We assure you that here are several measures in place that make sure your information is safe and protected against the misuse.
Bandamajorbeatz Payment Policy

Downloading beats from this website is very easy and secure. “Bandmajorbeatz” never keeps the credit and debit card information, IP address and other payment related information about the user in its database. Neither, we have access to this information when any payment goes through. All our payments are processed by PayPal and PayPal assures the privacy and safety of all financial information of our users.

This is it for our privacy policy. We have given you complete detail about information we ask you to provide us and what do we do with that information. Till this point, you have received complete information of our privacy policy. It is not a complex affair and you can rely on us for not passing your deets to third party. Your information will be safe with us, which we collect only for the betterment of our website and improved user experience.

Since, you have read our privacy policy and payment security and known the purpose of collecting user information, you can download the music beats and subscribe to the newsletter with the peace of mind.