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Buying Fantastic Beats Online by Joe Cash

Buying Fantastic Beats ? Yes. World Wide Web or internet is a fantastic thing. You’ll surely agree that it is on the top of the most useful discoveries of humans. The internet has made our lives very easy. Owing to the internet, we can talk to another person sitting on another while seeing his/her. Owing to the internet, we can access any type of information anytime and anywhere. Over the internet, we can sell and buy literally anything and music is not the exception. People can even buy and sell music over internet.

beats sale online- bandmajorsIn fact, there are good many producers and beat selling sites across the internet including my own beat selling website. If you are searching for some fantastic beats for your newly created rap song? Go to Our Website to see my collection. I freshly produced these beats with my team of producers. You can click on and sample a small portion of the beats to ensure you know what you’re buying and how useful it will be for you.

You can buy the beats exclusively for your project only from my website. When an artist buyout my beats with an exclusive license, I take those beats down from the list so that no one else can use the same beats. A great part about buying exclusive beats online, is that once it’s bought, you have full rights to use, burn, and sell the music on your own.

If you want some different beats for a mixtape or the advertisement, which doesn’t need to use exclusive beats, then you can buy my beats with non- exclusive license. The cost of this license is too much little that is just $40. You may sign up my newsletter so that I can send you timely information when I update my music beat collection and from that latest collection, I could send you out some freebies.

I boast about the quality of my beats. Artists always get high quality beats from my website. Since, being an artist, I understand the values of “music quality” and I very well know how to deliver it to the people. Apart from selling my beta, I also display my video on my site. Would you like to watch my videos? Here they are.

Now, I want to give rest to my words. It is your turn henceforth to get my music beats and use in your project(s). Fill up your cart with beats from here.

Good Luck!

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What’s the difference between Non – Exclusive and Exclusive License?

When you go to buy music beats online, you are given two license choices. One is exclusive and another is non – exclusive. I would like to clear you the difference between two.

Non- Exclusive License
A buyer when downloads a music beats with non – exclusive license, he gets limited ownership of the beats. He can’t sell the beats other people. In this type of music license, the producer of music beats keeps the right to sell the same beat to more buyers. This means a producer can sell the beat to multiple persons as long as nobody buys the exclusive rights to it. Non – exclusive beats have cheaper price than exclusive ones. Generally, such beats are used in mix-tapes and promos.

In addition to this, the producers usually give out an MP3 version of non- exclusive music beats, which have comparatively lesser quality of sound than the exclusive beats. Why?
Because who want to give high quality if the item is not exclusive. When the price is low, so will be the quality. Better sounding material is required to produce high quality beats. That is why high quality sounds are offered at relatively high prices.

Exclusive License
An exclusive license gives sole ownership of the beats to the music buyer. When you buy an exclusive license of a beat, the producer takes it down from sale and give you all rights to use the beats You can then make unlimited use of exclusive beats and the producer of beats can’t sell them to anybody else. An exclusive beat is expensive in price because the producer uses advanced sounding material in creating beats, plus, the producer gives the full ownership to the buyer.

Your receive a high quality version of beat, including an MP3 and WAV form, when buy it exclusively. Also, you may get a tracked-out version of the beat so that you can easily mix your vocals into it. This will make it easier for the you to make the song emerge superb, since you can mix the vocals in the beat.

I hope you now know the difference between two kinds of licenses. is my website where I, Joe Cash, sell trap beats, R&B beats and rap beats. If you need some hot beats, visit my website. You can buy my music beats with exclusive or non-exclusive license. I create all the beats on my own. You can also watch and like my videos on videos page.

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Why Musicians Must Buy Trap Beats Online?

A trap beat is a high energy dirty south beat, but in musical terms it includes a lot of minor second intervals or key modulate in minor seconds. Usually, producers and beat makers use high tempos ranging from 130 to 165 beats per minute and heavy reverb effect. Other than that, the main element in the trap beat is the bassline. If you slightly distort an ordinary 808 sub, it will give an underground “hood” or “trap” feel that seems to be most desirable effect in the work of new artists.

trap beats online for saleUrban music seems to be escalating crazily. That is why, rap sub genres are growing more and more and nowadays, young generation is favoring this trend from core of heart. The newest sub-genre of rap is called “trap” which was originated in the early 1990s from the southern United States. Moreover, many celebrates have used this type of rap in their songs such as Dru Smith, 2 Chainz, Future, Rocko, Shawty Lo and many more.

To cut the long story short, creation of trap beat is not that easy job for every musician because of musical complexity and sound design advanced techniques. Thereby, the simplest method to acquire best beats for singers and rappers is to buy trap beats online which are produced by squad of best producers.

There are many portals available online that are engineered for your success. The only thing you have to do is bridge the between you and a smash hit single with your dazzling voice and get ready to outshine in the music industry. Many independent are making tons of money by selling millions of copies of their single hit album.

Succinctly, the only formula for success in music industry and win the heart of audience is by focusing on lyrics and your record, rest leave everything on the reliable shoulders of BandMajors for trap beats. Joe Cash the artist/producer and founder of BandMajors has built a team of producers to produce trap beats and trap pop and R & B beats.

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