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What’s the difference between Non – Exclusive and Exclusive License?

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When you go to buy music beats online, you are given two license choices. One is exclusive and another is non – exclusive. I would like to clear you the difference between two.

Non- Exclusive License
A buyer when downloads a music beats with non – exclusive license, he gets limited ownership of the beats. He can’t sell the beats other people. In this type of music license, the producer of music beats keeps the right to sell the same beat to more buyers. This means a producer can sell the beat to multiple persons as long as nobody buys the exclusive rights to it. Non – exclusive beats have cheaper price than exclusive ones. Generally, such beats are used in mix-tapes and promos.

In addition to this, the producers usually give out an MP3 version of non- exclusive music beats, which have comparatively lesser quality of sound than the exclusive beats. Why?
Because who want to give high quality if the item is not exclusive. When the price is low, so will be the quality. Better sounding material is required to produce high quality beats. That is why high quality sounds are offered at relatively high prices.

Exclusive License
An exclusive license gives sole ownership of the beats to the music buyer. When you buy an exclusive license of a beat, the producer takes it down from sale and give you all rights to use the beats You can then make unlimited use of exclusive beats and the producer of beats can’t sell them to anybody else. An exclusive beat is expensive in price because the producer uses advanced sounding material in creating beats, plus, the producer gives the full ownership to the buyer.

Your receive a high quality version of beat, including an MP3 and WAV form, when buy it exclusively. Also, you may get a tracked-out version of the beat so that you can easily mix your vocals into it. This will make it easier for the you to make the song emerge superb, since you can mix the vocals in the beat.

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